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We have the Private Detectives, Resources, and Knowledge you need

We have the private detectives, resources, and knowledge you need for any one of our personalized services. We will gather the evidence needed to solve your case.

Infidelity Investigations

If you question whether or not your spouse or significant other is being faithful, our San Diego private investigators can subtly and quietly prove that they are or show otherwise. Often before divorce it is important to gather as much evidence as possible to strengthen your case prior to court hearings. Whether it is infidelity, proof of living arrangements, or general knowledge, let us find the truth.

Missing Persons

Our San Diego private investigators have a near 100% percent success rate in locating missing persons. Whether a missing family member, long lost relatives or persons who are trying to stay hidden due to criminal behavior. We have ample success in finding these individuals. Feel free to call, text or E-mail your concerns or needs. Telephone consultations are always free.

General Investigation

Some investigations are unique. Our San Diego private investigators can handle most investigations you may require, from interviewing your employees to establish possible deception, to workplace theft. Whatever your situation, feel free to give us a call. We are here for you and can be very flexible. There is no investigation too large or too small for The Taylor Group.

Digital Forensics Investigation

Are you being cyber stalked, hacked or electronically spied on Do you need to obtain data, even deleted data, from your cellphone, your computer, vehicle or other electronic devices? We can help. The Taylor Group is partnered with the most up to date digital forensics lab in the United States. A courier will pick up your device, or install software remotely. Give us a call.

Surveillance Investigation Services

Surveillance refers to a close observation of a person or group to monitor their activities to gather evidence and meet the objectives of the case. Surveillance is difficult and takes years of practical application in order to be effective. It is never recommended that someone other than licensed private investigators perform surveillance as most states have laws preventing it.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Our Investigators are trained in workers’ compensation surveillance, gathering evidence for our clients to make critical decisions to accept or deny claims. Our investigators are trained to identify subrogation and uncover leads to aid in the recovery claims costs. We have years of experience and provide the best finished product for our clients.
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